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The Bartel Funeral Home, Inc. was originally a private residence built in the Gothic style in 1910 when Schofield Ave. in Dudley, MA was unpaved and known simply as "the avenue." Two huge pine trees were downed in the 1938 hurricane and were replaced with oak trees whose stately presence continues to grace the property.

In the early 70's the property became a funeral home and was purchased by Mark L. Bartel in 1976. A forty by eighty foot addition consisting of a chapel, viewing rooms, restrooms and casket showroom was added to the original structure. The original home contains additonal private viewing rooms as well as offices.

Mark R. Bartel joined his father in business after graduating cum laude from the New England Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences in 1981. The two worked together until Mark lost his father to cancer in 1991. Mark resides in Dudley with his wife of twenty four years Cheryl Ann (Morrison) Bartel and their two children Heather and Matthew. Heather is a 2011 graduate of Boston University and Matthew is a member of the class of 2013 at Seton Hall University . Matthew enjoys working summers at the funeral home.

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